Lauren Stoner was born on 1984 in Miami, which is located in united state of America. She was 28 years old and established her self as a model and an actress. . She is known for modeling in a reality show of America “The Spin Crowd”. In this show she appeared in bikini. The all takes are shouted in Miami Beach for this reality shows. Unfortunately the show was cancelled due to the poor rating and viewer were not interested. After this show she became popular as Miami model.

Paparazzi photos

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0275

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0277

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0279

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0281

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0283

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0285

Lauren Stoner in Bikini_thefappening_2015_0289